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Mobile water pressure cleaners for Springfield and the Southwest Mo area

House washing: soft wash or power washing, what is right for your home.

Cleaned by Pete uses either of methods or techniques to clean your home or business. You may wonder what is meant by the term "pressure or power wash" and "soft wash". Soft wash is not power washing. While we use the same "pressure washer" for this application, we are using very low pressure to apply a cleaning solution to remove mold, mildew, algae, moss & airborne contaminants such as road grime, and other contaminants. This is still a very thorough cleaning method; we draw cleaners into our water stream and "wet down" a section of your home or business and let the cleaners dwell.  A lower pressure, larger volume stream of water is then used to agitate the cleaners and to rinse them off. Some of the positives of this method are: the water stream is less powerful and less likely to force water into and behind siding;  a greater distance can be reached from the ground by using our own designed nozzles, thus we need not to put ladders on your home or climb around on your biggest investment.

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Power washing also has its place in home and business cleaning. Cleaned by Pete is well versed in this method as well.  However, it differs in some aspects.  We still apply cleaners via our "pressure washer", let it dwell, but to help aid in the removal of the contaminants, we use a water shielded rotating nozzle to assist with the removal of the grime. We have been doing house and business cleaning and know how to minimize any negative points of pressure washing turning them into positives. We employ wands that reach over 24 feet in reach with attachments some of which we designed that will wash "down" the house even at full height, not using one wand with high pressure pointing up, taking a risk of forcing water up into the weep holes of your vinyl siding or under the seams. With rock and brick homes this matter is not as important.

Cleaned by Pete has developed their own techniques and tools over the years that you cannot just buy. Even though our washers will reach 4000 psi and 210 degrees of hot water, seldom does the job required that much pressure or heat and in the wrong hands it can harm and even destroy the siding. We use the method that best suits each home or business, but since we use the same "pressure washer" for the job, we can switch between or combine the two techniques to best clean your home. This is your biggest investment and we have invested our time and money on some of the best equipment you can purchase.  As stated earlier, we have also designed our own nozzles and wands to aid in the cleaning of your home or business to insure the best clean for you job.

As of 2012, we have 4 units that produce their own hot water, three heat off diesel one on propane.  We once ran into a problem where the fumes off the diesel heater made a customer nauseous.  To solve this problem, we invested in the propane heated system, which by the way is much "greener and environmental friendly.  We also have 3 cold water units for different applications along with 3 electrical units for specialize cleaning, an example is our A/C coil cleaner special wands and nozzles allow us to clean the grass trimmings, leaves and blow in dirt that plug or clog up the cooling fins with out removing the units outer shell, saving cost on cooling. Concrete and sidewalks around your home or business need cleaning too. We could try to stand and clean your drive way with a standard pressure washing tip one inch at a time, but this would result in what is call "zebra striping". Zebra striping is the effect of moving the want with a high-pressure tip back and forth as you move back and froth the tip is closer in front of you and gets further away from the surface as you swing your arms out. Cleaned by Pete has invested in "surface cleaners", 6 in all, ranging from 12 to 36 inches which either have wheels or float on the surface keeping a constant level, pattern and pressure over the entire surface. Over the years, we have found one major thing out:  if you have the right equipment for the job, you get the best results. Please remember that anybody can go to a "box store" and purchase a pressure washer and be "in business", but please give us a call and let us see what we can do to help aid you in your cleaning, after all it is what we do.

Pictures are all homes we have done and are examples of our work please visit our photo gallery.

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