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Mobile water pressure cleaners for Springfield and the Southwest Mo area

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Each job is different e-mail at and we can set up consult to talk over the job and better give you the price Cleaned by Pete does not charge for consults or estimates and does not require any money up front.
Graffiti and gum removal several different methods are at our disposal for these jobs, each job is different please ask for a free estimate.

Concrete cleaning: sidewalks, driveways, drive-thrus, patios and dinning areas, parking areas, pavilions, tennis courts, recreational areas, shops, planters, sitting areas, other flat surfaces and walls. Cleaned by Pete has invested in three different sizes of rotary concrete cleaners form 12" to 28" these cleaners rotate at up to @2000 rounds per minute and are designed to end the zebra striping that occurs with just the use of the pressure wand. With our hot water system Cleaned by Pete removes gum and cleans those greasy black areas on your concrete edges use by skateboarders, skaters or bikers known as "slides" where they have applied a filler to the pores of the concrete making it smoother and slick, this filler then draws dirt from them using it and from the environment which turns it black, sticky and greasy.

Stone: walls, steps, tables, benches, mailboxes, landscaping trellis, arches, walks, and even tombstones or statues.

Wet soda-blasting (conceived and first used in the restoration of the Statue of Liberty) is used to remove fire damage, mold, mildew, lichen, tarnish, paint, oxidation,  types of graffiti, oil stains, paint stripping and auto part restoration, and other applications. The soda medium is non abrasive causing no damage to the under laying object. The soda explodes upon impact and tumbles removing  that outer layer of lets say paint with out heating up, warping, or getting in and abrading the underlying surface does not require complete stripping of all hardware on items to be blasted. Soda’s excellent cleaning properties also benefits in blasting out stains in and on concrete, brick, and stone. If you would like to know more about our wet soda-blasting please e-mail us with any questions.

Home and business exteriors vertical or flat surfaces, that Missouri mold and mildew seems to be growing on everything so let us clean it off for you. Selecting the right pressure, tools and cleaners is our job, let us make your options easier and safer for you.

Wooden decks and fences: cleaned and power washed but we do not offer a refinishing or sealing service.

Prepping your house or building for new paint Cleaned by Pete will high pressure wash your house or building with high-speed “turbo or rotary” nozzles to remove loose paint and prepare the surface for new paint. Homes and business will need to dry before applying any new paint or primer. This type of high pressure washing  may loosen  a nail or screws and may also remove wood in worn or soft spots could loosen a brick or wash out old mortar. Cleaned by Pete is careful in any job they may do and will treat your property as if it were their own.

New construction and job sight power washing.

Mobile equipment washing: Hot or cold washing of trucks, trailers, bulldozers, tractors and equipment, Cleaned by Pete employs the latest “Euro” method of cleaning; a 2” to 4” layer of soap is applied through a new technology tool known as a “foam cannon “ the soap it left to work on the grime, the use of soft non marring brushes may be used to loosen stubborn areas then a pressure washing is applied, rinsed and wiped down (if needed) this method conserves on the use water. Bulldozer and other heavy equipment are usually just simply pressured washed down Cleaned by Pete has a 7’ high x 4’ wide x 16’ long scaffolding unit built on the service truck to get up higher and wash from the top down .

Shopping carts and playground equipment: is a new service, the foam cannon is used to lay down a 2” to 4” layer of soap and cleaners, a hot water washing of up to 210 degrees, brush cleaning any dirty areas, hot water rinse followed by a disinfecting spray. With the spread of "Swine flu" H1N1 looming out there, something  helping to keep the spread of H1N1 down is a must. This cleaning method may help with the spread of E coli bacteria on surfaces We all know not everybody washes-up all the time and kids will be kids since most germs and virus live on surface we touch and play with trying to keep them as clean as possible should be at the top of our list. This service along with all other cleaning services are offered as: one-time, on call, or on a service program.

Cleaned by Pete has cleaning units that can reach 4000 pounds per square inch of pressure up to 210 degrees of hot water running at 4.7 gallons per minute, this means we can get the job you need finished and done right. The right pressure, types of nozzles, and tools help  dictate the best cleaning method for your job. Each job is a little different this is why Cleaned by Pete has a wide range of tool and units. Cleaned by Pete is in compliance with Wash Water Regulations of Springfield MO, filtering the wash water if it should run off or containing it and hauling it off, if needed, Cleaned by Pete also employs green cleaners and products to protect our water ways. The EPA program recommends Reduce Runoff: Slow It Down, Spread It Out, Soak It In, Cleaned by Pete follows this program on site or after haul off. If you have any question about how to or which method we should use feel free to e-mail or call with your concerns and we can evaluate what will work best for your job. Cleaned by Pete has a city business license is insured and locally owned and operated Cleaned by Pete owns all hoses, tools, trailer, truck, pressure units and has made an investment to operate a business here, now and in the future.