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Improving our media blasting service

With the growth of our business we found it necessary to purchase a dedicated pressure unit for our media blasting. One that is more mobile and easier to move around at your locations. We also wanted a bit more power out of it. So with this in mind we custom built a new rig including pump, cart and motor to meet our demands. A full16hp gas motor driving a nickel-plated AR commercial tri-plex pump  putting our a full 4000psi @ 4gpm giving us a 16000 units of cleaning power, we have also invested in a 2nd blasting wand, tip, and media flow system made by Landa worlds leader in pressure washing systems to help serve our customers.

What is "wet" media blasting and why would I need it? Wet media blasting is using high pressure water to move the media to the object that is needing to be blasted, most of us have heard of sand blasting where you use an air compressor to move particles of sand. With this process you need a vary large compressor usually driven by a multi cylinder motor  or compressor to make that much volume of air to move the media to the object being blasted. With any process there are pluses and negatives one of the largest negatives with air is that when the grains of sand or media hit and may shatter and will become airborne which may require tenting to keep partials entrapped keeping in compliance with the EPA laws. With the use of  water the media is move to the objects that needs to be blasted in a 4000psi water stream. Media is mixed into the water stream via a special nozzle and wand and it stead of becoming airborne on impact  it is recaptured  in the stream hitting the object again several times. Since it is wet it will not cloud and falls back down although the media may be thrown around it is still wet and heavy helping it fall to earth.  The plus is no tenting, media striking the object several times, the unit need to do this is smaller and more mobile, and the object gets power washed at the same time no need to remove grease and grime as need with air. One other plus is that with water it will also keep larger panels cool to prevent warping that may occur with air blasting. The negative is that there is water around the larger the object the more the water making this method for outdoors or a well drained garage. If the metal blasted is steel it's  so clean in most cases a light film of rust will occur, witch may be remove with metal or paint prep at the time of painting. Please call us to see if we can help you 417-459-7869 or e-mail us at

Cleaned by Pete has been using 2 basic types of media sand; black sand for blasting, river sand and motor sand each has different properties, cutting ability and cost factors. Soda comes in different grades also we have been using  course and a medium grade it also has different cost factors per grade, Depending on what your needs are, we can help you decide what would be best for your project. Aluminum oxide and garnet is also available for use though we do not use these two much, do to having had good results with sand or soda.

Soda blasting is nonabrasive the original finish is what will be left (if the finish is rough cast or milled it will be cleaned back down to this finish). Soda can be used around rubber and glass with out etching it and around u or ball joints without harming them. Opening up a large field in auto restoration and hot-rodding applications as well as any area of metal working.


Soda is a nonabrasive media so it will not remove metal the original finish is retained. The picture shows the pebble finish and the satin mill finish of the mag wheel each are retained only years of grime and discoloration are removed. Since the media is propelled in a high pressure water stream there is no heating of metal panels that may warp in the sandblasting process also the water keeps any dust from the sand down to nothing since it is in the stream. Soda is non-abrasive great for cleaning too so you can use it to clean assemblies as the rear-end out of a '55 Thunderbird pictured below since soda is non abrasive it will not remove rust. The tractor parts below were blasted with coal-slag. so we now offer sand, coal-slag and soda blasting.