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We're getting more and more calls for house washing here in the South-west and greater Springfield MO area. House washing has earned a page all on it's own. I have talked about: soft washing and pressure washing and want to add down-streaming (DS as it it known in the industry). These are the main way in which we will wash your home, most home's will need a combination of the three techniques. Each techniques has a plus and each has drawbacks Cleaned by Pete knows what works best for what type of materiel we are washing. I want and need the pressure washer to clean rock, stone, brick and concrete a soft wash would remove some grime but not enough. Vinyl, cedar siding or other types of soft wood clean best with soft washing, harder woods, Masonite or steel siding will be best cleaned with a DS technique. No matter what method or methods are best for your home we use the best soap and cleaners which are environmental friendly that are on the market today. House washing is a science and knowledge of how cleaners and soap work with other chemicals for a good wash and a 99% kill rate. What are we killing pure high pressure if used on you house may be killing your siding, but we are killing mold, algae, mildew and mosses only with cleaners and some additives can we achieve this. Bleach is one of the best natural cleaners ever found and most people believe it will "KILL" all that grows on your home well there wrong it has a good 60+% kill rating or better depending on conditions. This is news to alot of our competitor also who just use bleach to clean a house. Algae is an airborne plant......... UNDER CONSTRUCTION......