Graffitied fence Graffitied fence Black spray paint on a fence This is a picture of a fence with 27ft long and 4ft high lettering before starting. 97518398 Graffiti This fence has been setting because of the case file and other reasons for over 6 months. The paint has now cooked and worked it way into the fibers of the fence. 97518399 Another shot, more of the lettering The best time to try to remove sprayed on graffiti is as soon as possible, the long time period the more the paint can bond to the surface weather it is wood, brick or concrete. 97518401 Starting the cleaning We have applied our environmental safe cleaners and began to scrub the lettering with nylon brushes. 97518400 Fence after cleaning We use softer brushes so not to cut into the wood fibers. When the fence has be hand scrubbed and soaps have been worked in only then the pressure washer be used. 97518402 Gate after being cleaned We did a lot of hand work. Fence wood is soft and we do not want to gouge it out or cut into it with the pressure washer 97518403 Another view of the cleaned fence Cleaned by Pete feels they had good results with this job even though the paint had really worked into the wood and set in for a long time. 97518404 Fence after cleaning If you look closely at the photos you will see some faint ghost shadows. In order not to damage the fence we will use our judgment and may have to leave some ghost lines. 97518405 Give us a call and let us see what we can do for you. Phone for free estimates 417-459-7869 97518408