The Two Signs The Two Signs Hand brushing the lettering The 30 foot + sign was covered in mildew and shotgun algae. The lettering need special care not to damage them. We used a soft brush attached to our extension pole (this brushes softness can be used to detail cars). After spraying the environmental safe cleaner using hot water up to 200 degrees, we can genteelly remove algae and not disturbing the letters or scratch the surface. 91946205 Working out way down the sign Using the 28 foot pole with attachments and the 7 foot walkway attached to the top of the service truck we were able to work safely down the sign. 91946206 On the ground cleaning the sign Clean by Pete prides itself on the tool and attachment we have and use and the knowledge of how to use them too. This all enables us to do our best job and at the safest level we can. 91946207 Closer view of pervious photo Just a bit closer view of the cleaning process. 91946208 View from the other side The other side is soaking in the environmental friendly cleaners that were sprayed on with our onboard hot-water heater. As with anything hot water always cleans better, just as your mother. 91946209 The Smaller of the two signs Spraying off the sign gently scrubbing of the mildew and algae. We can adjust up or down the pressure and with its rotating stream of water this nozzle help us to reach our goal of being clean. 91946201 Smaller sign With the extension pole at about 18 feet we can reach areas that some others may not be able too. 91946202 Closer view of cleaning A little better view of the cleaning taking place in the previous picture. Please to note the dirt, mildew, and algae is gone. 91946203 Cleaning the smaller sign We believe that tools and knowledge is the key to everything in life as well as in the cleaning business. Having both of them and a bit of imagination Cleaned by Pete can tackle most jobs, and we will also let you know up front if we believe we can not help you. 91946204