Horse Stable Horse Stable Disinfect and clean a horse stable The owner had been away an extended period of time and the hired help had not been keeping up. This photo is the ceiling after being prepped with cleaner and disinfectant nothing that will harm the animals upon drying though the bedding will be removed. 91831829 One of the seven stalls to be cleaned Picture of what the stalls looked like Cleaned by Pete washed the waterer's , feeders , salt lick holders, doors, bars, walls and ceiling. 91831830 Ceiling picture before starting We had the power turned off to the building so we could wash without worries of electrical trouble. We could wash the light fixtures and fans this way too though the owner was having some replaced due to age. 91832235 Ceiling picture Before cleaning 91831831 Feeder in one of the seven stalls This is what the stall feeders looked like before cleaning and disinfecting. 91831832 Stall backs and dividers Picture before cleaning some of the stalls were a bit dirtier than this but this represents most of them. 91832239 Stall after cleaning As you can see from the previous picture it is quite an improvement. Cleaned by Pete finished the job and let things dry so we could return the next day to turn on the electric. 91832240 Feeder and bars Returned the next day to finish the floor and touch up here and there this is what things look like after a good power wash. 91831833 Ceiling finished being cleaned Picture of ceiling and fixtures after being cleaned. 91832234 After cleaning Back wall and ceiling after cleaning. Cleaned by Pete take the utmost care with your property. We treat your property as if it were ours. 91832237 Wash and grooming area The wash and grooming area after cleaning. 91832241 Over view picture after power washing A shot of the stables after cleaning the day before you can see the electric is back on. 91832242 Finishing the floor Came back after cleaning and letting the stable dry over night and finished cleaning the floor. This closed one of our more unusual jobs. Cleaned by Pete will do jobs that are unusual call us to see what I can do for you. 91832236 Finishing the cleaning other side This is the other side of the stable after the final floor cleaning. There were several pictures of this cleaning we feel this shows what we can do on several different types of cleaning and what can be accomplished with the right equipment. 91837381