Garages, Driveways, an Out-buildings Garages, Driveways, an Out-buildings Garages and Driveways Cleaned by Pete can do your garage or driveway. Here is an unattached garage and driveway in need of cleaning. This ledge rock garage was sprayed with our cleaners and washed in our usual way. 91825152 Cleaning the driveway Here we are cleaning with our largest surface cleaner, measuring in at 32 inches, each stroke at 3500 psi and running 4.7 gallons a minute. If this unit is not right for your job no to worry we carry 4 on-board a 12", 18", 20" and the 32" we can do what is needed. 91825155 Just an other shot of the process You can see the embeded dirt and grime working it way out of the concrete driveway. When we have gone over the drive way with the surface cleaner all the dirt and grime is then sprayed off using a wand this method shows no "zebra stripping" or wand trails or marks. 91825156 The garage You can see the left half of the garage is clean and the half of the driveway closest to the building is finished. 91825157 Please just clean the driveway A semi parked in this neighbor hood drive way left things a mess the black oil soaked right in. We did a small test spot and the owner said give it your best try. 92315166 Drive way before starting Black oil some of the lighter spots the owner tryed cleaning with all different types of products some of which bleached the drive way too. 92315167 After cleaning is finished There is still some shadowing and some lighter fading but this is what we did for them. Driveway is still wet will dry a bit lighter. 92315168 Driveway after cleaning A shot of the driveway after cleaning, cleaning concrete is not an exact science all concrete is pours and has different make up we can come out and do a test spot for you to see if we can help. 92315169 Drive way We were contacted by the contractor who needed this drive way cleaned in order to seal it, but in addition he also needed all the joints between the stones cleaned out to place in sand that locks it all together. 110608382 Cleaning process We use our 20 in surface (a rotary cleaner) to clean off the drive way first then followed it up with our 4000 psi unit making sure all dirt and debris from the joints was completely removed. 110608383 View of the drive way after cleaning The drive way is drying and is now ready for the special sand and then the sealing process. We can work with you to see if we can help you with your needs. Call for any questions or to see if we can help you. 110608384 The other day we were asked can you clean metal buildings too? We added this garage to the photo album to show weather it is stone, wood, concrete, vinyl or metal that we can clean it. This building sits close to the creek and with the moister the mold and mildew really makes it look bad. 92644279 Before starting Metal building before cleaning. 92644280 The peak of the building With our extension poles we can reach up and get the cleaning done right as well as remain on the ground a be safe. 92644281 An other view before cleaning Building before cleaning. 92644282 After cleaning Building after the cleaning is finished mold and mildew are gone. Cleaned by Pete does not just splash on cleaner rinse and run we spend the extra time to rotary clean each aspect of your building making it as clean as possible. 92644284 Job sadisfaction it what we strive for When Cleaned by Pete does any job we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. You can see quite a difference in this building. 92644285 Other side after cleaning Other side of the metal building after cleaning. 92644286 Front after cleaning Please call us for your cleaning needs, If you are unsure if we can clean it just ask. 92644287 Pressure washing in action Just another shot of us cleaning with the longer extension we can reach over most item you may have around saving you time from moving everything out of the way. 92315171 In the process of cleaning a grage Cleaning just the garage or and out-building Cleaned by Pete can do that too. We do jobs of all sizes no matter how small or large just call us. 92315170 Building before starting The owner and Cleaned by Pete cleaned out from around the building so we could park our service truck with built on scaffolding closer to the building to aid in the cleaning process. 110608385 Service truck on the backside of building We are parked behind the building you can see the frame work of our built in scaffolding which is 16 ft long x 4 ft wide and 7 feet high used to reach areas that need to be cleaned safer and easier. 110612435 Over all view of how dirty it is Over the years sap, dirt, mold and mildew just jeeps building up. The build up is so natural sometimes we just don't notice. Cleaning your buildings and homes not only keeps your house looking better but does increase the value of your property. 110608386 Closer view This is what we see from our view atop of our onboard scaffolding unit. 110608387 Cleaning underway You can see the cleaning process the sides and most of the roof have been cleaned. We can size up you job and even if we can not use our service truck and scaffolding we have a large selection of tools and accessory, like our 24 ft cleaning pole to get your job done right and safely. 110608388 Cleaning the roof We have cleaned the back half of the building and most of the left hand side. From this last location of our scaffolding we can reach the last areas that need cleaning. 110608389 Finished building This is the finished shot of the building after cleaning. Cleaning was achived by parking our service truck on each end of the building and once on the side to reach all the areas. 110608390