Office concrete Office concrete Side walk upon arrivial They had someone try to clean the side walk and it just did not come clean. Told them we would try. This is what we did. 91790854 Sidewalk with a light pass of the 20 inch surface cleaner Passed over the concrete with the 20 inch cleaner and it started to work now we know it is cleanable. 91790853 Working it clean With more work things keep showing improvement. 91790858 Dropping down to the 12 inch cleaner Dropping down to the 12 inch cleaner we can get more cleaning power. 91790855 This is what we can do Again having the right tools for the job make us able to do your job the best we can. 91790856 This is what the owner wanted. The side walk came back to life. We finished off around the poles and in the really bad areas with special turbo nozzles to get any "zerba stripping" the first folks left and to clean up close to poles and building these nozzles clean 1 to 3 inches at a time 91790857 Just showing progress. I'm not saying anything bad about the others that tried first, this was one of the hardest pieces of sidewalk to clean that we ever had. Just a note I do not like to soap or bleach a side walk the porous nature of concrete will suck in the soaps and bleach and will attract dirt and grime just that much faster, may look good for a while but. This is why you see no suds or foam in the photos. 91793652