Barns Barns Cleaning the wall of the barn Starting to clean the wall of the barn inside after 9 years things get dirty. 91787902 Before starting This is a photo of before starting the cleaning, nine years of dirt and cobwebs. 92647847 Needing to be cleaned We are working to the left, our procedure is to spray a good layer of cleaner (and bleach in this case the owner wanted to help disinfect the barn too) let it set and work in. Cleaned by Pete can introduce cleaners or chemicals at the nozzle level, from 10 to 1 all the way to 40 to 1 with or without hot water. Then use our adjustable rotating nozzles to gently or aggressively scrub the surface clean. Lastly followed by a rinse of cold or hot water up to 200 degrees. 92647845 One section finished. Finished one section the owner wanted the walls cleaned and disinfected. One wall is cleaned and the other is soaking with cleaner and disinfectant ready for cleaning. 91787903 Moving down the wall Having poles that will reach up to over 30 feet lets us do the best job for you. We have the right equipment to do your job. 91787901 Cleaning as we go A look back as we are about at the half way point 91787904 Half way point Cleaning is what we do, call us and see if we can work for you. 91787905 The front half 91787906 The owner liked the barn so much! The owner liked what we had done so they had us come back and do the floors in the barn the next day. 91787907 Cleaning the floor in the barn Just a parting shot of the floor in the barn as we were wrapping up. All that is need to finish is to have the floor air dry over night and they can move all the equipment back in. 91787908 Milk-barn We were asked to clean up this milk-barn so the customer could us it as an entertainment area. With years of dirt, paint and use this is what we started with. 110604914 The barn was layed out in three sections and a loft. We were asked to clean off the ceiling, walls and floors but to leave some paint chips and streaks here and there, to highlight the age and atmosphere of the place. 110604915 Working on cleaning the milk-barn Using one of our rotating cleaners and our longer wands, we start to wash the walls. The ceiling beams were cleaned with our selection of different types of nozzles. With our large selection of tools and attachments we have the right one to do your job the right way. 110604916 Cleaning underway Another picture of the cleaning you can see the difference. All cleaning jobs vary in cleaning results but we will work with you for the results you want. 110604917 Finished cleaning the upper walls and ceiling We finished cleaning the upper walls and ceiling (the customer still wants some paint to show). 110604918 Another view You can see the stairs in lower right side leading to the loft which was also sprayed and cleaned, still leaving some signs of paint and use. 110604919 Ceiling after cleaning This is the finished cleaning of the ceiling area. 110604920