Paint prepping Paint prepping Paint prepping, getting ready to work the next day We worked on this building the day before returning the next morning you can see what had been prepped. 54628916 Work for the day before. In the picture you can see where we had cleaned and had prepped the building for paint. Since the owner wanted as much off we could use more pressure and turbo nozzles for a good cleaning. 54628914 Ready to start where we left off Picking up where we left off the day before you can see the difference the pressure washing makes remember we are removing loose paint and scale not stripping the building. 54628918 Section finished This section is finished what paint remains on the building is well adhered and will support a new coat of paint. 54628915 Moving to the next section. You can see what the pressure washer, turbo nozzle and our tech has done here. What can we do for you? Call for free estimates and discuss if we can help you. 54628917 110637046 110637047 110637048 110637049