Selling a house, well what color is it? Selling a house, well what color is it? Here is a house I thought was gray I posted this because from the street I really thought this house was light gray in color. You can see it has some mildew on it but did not look really bad. 53327828 Here is the edge of the home Looks a little dirty but not to bad for a light gray house. 53327827 Onothe picture before cleaning If you are selling a house think of what it may be worth for a cleaning. In most cases a single story home with driveway, sidewalk, small patio or deck is finished in one day and ready to show the next day. Call for free estimates: 417-459-7869 or email 53327829 Cleaning along now what color is it This house now looks totally different. It's even a different color when it had a good washing. We can make that difference, think of what the curb appeal would be now. 53327831 The cleaned house looks bigger and brighter If you were selling a home think of what a difference a cleaning may make. This home stands out more look bigger, newer and brighter. You get one shot at a first impression we can help you make it a good one. We can also clean concrete; driveways, sidewalks, brick fronts, walls, decks, patios, and mailboxes we can do the complete package. 53327832 Finished This about says it all, and yes this is a picture of the same house same side after cleaning. Making a house more appealing only make scene in this market. 53330365