House cleaning a before and after House cleaning a before and after Coming around to the backside of the house Just finished cleaning the side of the house and came to the the back, so clicked a couple of pictures. Notice the greenish brown layer it is on top of a dark black layer witch you can not see till the first layer is cleaned off. 53321477 Close up before starting This view gives you a good idea of what the house looked like, before cleaning started. 53321476 Cleaning is under way Started to clean the back side of the house and this is what a difference a good cleaning makes. We use only soaps that are green no caustic chemicals when we clean. 53321479 Closer view of the cleaning underway We take pride in cleaning your house it makes us feel good to see what we can do. It may take awhile but we will work at cleaning your house the best we can. 53321478 House is finished being cleaned The finial results this is the last walk around making sure everything is done and picked and meets with the customers approval. 53321475 Finishing cleaning the rear of the house The rest of the pictures are just finishing off the rear of the house. 53325094 Before Most of the house in this area looked like this to one degree or another. With the wet and damp weather we have had in Southwest MO this look is not uncommon. 53325092 The rest of the rear of the house Before cleaning just working down the house. 53325093 Closer view Same picture as before but just move in closer. 53325091 Cutting in the corner molding Knowing how siding is put up we know what angles and what way cleaning needs to be done. 53325097 Cleaning of those layers of mildew and mold. It is all in the cleaning, knowing the right way to clean homes minimizing the chances of water being pushed up under and around the edges of the siding. Having installed siding, I know how it is applied and how it fits together, reducing the chance of water getting where it should not go. 53325098 Closer view We are careful not to force water in from under lip of the siding or the weep holes. Using the right pressure, tools and our cleaning knowledge lets you rest assured your home will be cleaned right. 53325096 Back side of house Picture of the house being finished 53325095 Cleaned back side Pictures of the finial walk around on the finished job. 53325553 Finished cleaning the rear of the house Just finishing up cleaning the rear of the house and starting to move to the side and pickup the tools and equipment. 53325552