Sidewalk Cleaning Sidewalk Cleaning One side of building cleaned concrete Please notice the lack of black gum blobs. Cleaned by Pete want you to know that while the concrete is not as new it is clean. What we wash off here can not be tracked in on your carpets or floors saving you cleaning cost. 50398368 What a person can expect when cleaning concrete The age and condition of your sidewalk has a lot to due with the results. This walk is @15 years old and has had a lot of travel on it. The gum stains are all but removed and cleaned away but some staining has remained, in the higher traffic areas. 50398367 Concrete after cleaning We can do a sample patch to show what your results will be. We want to be above board and up front with you we will tell you or show you what you can expect sometimes cleaning results even surprise us. Rest assured we do the best job that we can for you. Rember this is a 15 year old movie house and is a high traffic area. 50398369 Heavy traffic area The sidewalk has been cleaned in this picture notice no dark black gum spots, this is a very high traffic ares these are the results that can be expected. Using surface cleaners spinning at @2000 rpm and them a turbo nozzle and 200 degree water this cleaning method produces good results. 50398366 125639811 125639812 125639813 125639814 125639815 125639816 125639817 125639818 125639819 125639820 125639821 125639822 125639823 125639824 125639825 125639826 125639827 125639828 125639829