New tools helping us keep you clean New tools helping us keep you clean Our new service "vapor / steam cleaning" These units are not what others refer to as steam cleaner where the use of the term is "wet steam" high pressure water is heated to @ 210 degrees. Our large Landa unit does this, as well as our other hot water unit too. These units are true low pressure steam units. Cleaned by Pete steam cleaning Springfield MO. 121997248 Vapor cleaning units "Steam cleaning veterans point to steam cleaning's ability to remove more greasy soil with less water, resulting in a more concentrated water product. This is basically the argument that the smaller the volume of waste to be handled the less expensive the handling process and little to no runoff to our rivers, streams or lakes. There is less splatter from steam cleaning and the soiled water is therefore more easily contained for treatment if needed. Cleaned by Pete steam cleaning Springfield MO 417-459-7869 **This photo is from the prior owner we use oil hogs or socks to contain and filter any run off** 121997250 Steam cleaning units These steam / vapor units produce live steam at a lower pressure for cleaning. With the issues of water conservation and concerns about pollutants entering the water system live-steam seems to us to be an answer. Saving up to 80% water usag...e thus limiting run-off in the process the best of both worlds. With these units we can also disinfect areas and objects as well as having one of the best grease and grime busters, live steam. Doing research for this venture we talked to several "old timers" in fields from mechanics, heavy equipment, industrial, machine shops and general auto shops. One thing that they all agreed on was that there was a place for hot high-pressure cleaning but nothing beat the power, efficiency and lack of mess that steam / vapor cleaning had, also the advantage of disinfecting with live steam is one of the best ways to kill bacteria. This process has also become know as "Vapor Cleaning". Cleaned by Pete steam cleaning Springfield MO. **This photo is from the prior owner we use oil hogs or socks to contain and filter any run off** 121997251 Up grade for out media blasting service This unit has a 16 hp motor and new pump putting out a true 4000psi @ 4gpm creating 16000 units of cleaning power. Since we up graded this unit will do the same job more efficient thus using less water, fuel, media, and less run off and with our new blast cabinet we can contain use media better also. This is our small part in help us be better stewards of the planet we all have to work together to achieve this end. Cleaned by Pete steam cleaning Springfield MO. 121997252 Soda blasting unit Newer motors run cleaner this also will help us to save gas. We up graded this unit to offer our customers the best job we can do. This unit was purchased for our blasting service but we also bring it along to other jobs for backup and it is also more mobile and able to get to places our other unit can not. This makes Cleaned by Pete more mobile and we are now able to take on even more jobs. 121997253 Unit put to work Putting the new unit to work. This was just a quick picture of the unit at work check out our soda blasting on the BBS centers in our Photo sections. Cleaned by Pete steam cleaning Springfield MO. 121997249 Cleaned by Pete logo Cleaned by Pete Springfield 126156427 4000 psi @ 4 gpm new washer 188130752 4000 psi @ 4 gpm new washer 188130753 4000 psi @ 4 gpm new washer 188130754 Gear drive Hypo 3500 psi @ 4 gpm New pump and plumbing on the media unit. 188130757 Another industral grade electric. 188130758 New pressure washers this year Four more washers for jobs making sure we have the right washer and equipment for your job. We still have the two large hot water units. Also picked up one smaller hot water unit and a "hot box" for an other 18 hp unit being built. 188130759 Two of our portable units Even if they look small these custom built units are very powerful. Our units are designed and built with specific jobs in mind. 188130760 New concrete surface cleaner 188130761 Adding another steam units 188130763