Soda, sand blasting and metal cleaning Soda, sand blasting and metal cleaning Wet sand blasting Motorcycle frame before starting you also pressure wash thing at the same time making items paint and rust free and cleaning grease and mud off in one step. 110706215 Sand blasting motorcycle frames A view of the frame after being sandblasted. 110706214 Sand blasting motorcycle frames This method of sandblasting has a lot of pluses going for it and it does not break up the sand and become airborne which is considered an pollutant and is monitored. Wet sand in the stream of water can hit the object and is recapture in the stream several times before it bounce down or washes off in the stream of water. The only draw back is since metal is so clean it will develop a light rust coat on some metals which is cleaned off with some paint prep. 110706217 Sand blasting motorcycle frames One of the frames that has been completed you may notice a light film of oxidation forming on the frame. The frame has not only been sand blasted by cleaned with high pressure water so it is clean and may form some light rust, which can wiped off with paint prep. before painting. 110706222 Sand blasting motorcycle frames Finishing off small parts 110706223 Ladder sand blasting We were call to sand blast these stainless steel ladders to remove the heat discolorations from welding and to make the finish uniform. 110706216 Ladder sand blasting Stainless steel ladders after sand blasting. 110706218 Ladder sand blasting With our different types of media we use we can pick what is right for your project. Cleaned by Pete has used all different types of sand, various grades of soda and aluminum oxide let us know what you need and we can see if we can help. 110706219 Ladder sand blasting View of ladders finished. 110706220 Motor cleaning With our two hot water units we can clean up motors, work areas and garages. One of our units reaches 210 degrees while the other is 190 degrees. Cleaned by Pete has just received 2 low pressure vapor / steam cleaning units and will be vapor cleaning soon. 110706224 Cleaning front clip. Owner wanted the front clip cleaned to begin restoration on the car, figured if it was cleaned it would be easier to work on. He had tried to figure out how to haul it to get it cleaned or rent a pressure washer go get it and return it but since we are mobile we come to you to save you money and time. 110706225 Grease and grime gone With grease and grime gone we rolled it back in the garage and customer was ready to get to work. 110706226 BBS centers off a BMW One of the rims drying after moving down to finer soda. Blasting media come in different grades for different cutting of what is need to be removed these rims were blasted with a courser soda and the the second time was blasted with a less aggressive soda. 121989425 BBS centers off a BMW Finished product center have been blasted twice there is still some power coat paint left on. This is an example of what can be expected results may vary from item to item. 121989426 BBS centers off a BMW soad blasting Went down to about #4 grade of soda to make a finer finish and to try to remove any of the power coating. 121989427 Mag Rim While doing some media blasting, we needed a piece to show what can be expected from this service. In this case we were using around #4 soda on this old rim, the picture shows what can be done. Soda blasting is nonabrasive the original finish is what will be left (if the finish is rough cast or milled it will be cleaned back down to this finish). Soda can be used around rubber and glass with out etching it and around u or ball joints without harming them. Opening up a large field in auto restoration and hot-rodding applications as well as any area of metal working. 121989428 Soad blasting on a old rim Soda is a nonabrasive media so it will not remove metal the original finish is retained. The picture shows the pebble finish and the satin mill finish of the mag wheel each are retained only years of grime and discoloration are removed. Since the media is propelled in a high pressure water stream there is no heating of metal panels that may warp in the sandblasting process also the water keeps any dust from the sand down to nothing since it is in the stream. 121989429 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end Soda blasting no clean up of the rear end need like sand blasting the high pressure washer cleans and blasts at the same time. There is also no need for complete disassembly of items since soda is not abrasive no grit. 125640624 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end Brake backing plate after soda blasting soda will remove paint, grease, grime and surface coating it will not remove discoloration from rust on metal. The plus is that there is no grit from sand and full disassembly is there for not needed. 125640625 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end Photo of the brake backing plate before starting. Later photos show what soda blasting does, these are typical results sometime a a bit better it just depends on the finish and the piece being cleaned. 125640626 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end Another view of the differential about half way finished. 125640627 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end This show the job about half way finished this is what things look like when we started you can see the upper half is mostly finished. 125640628 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end A '55 Thunderbird with 55 years of grime, oil, grease, dirt and road filth needs to come off. Stopped about half way finished and took a few photos. You can see we are taking off as much grime and paint as possible. Please note you can see the original primer starting to show up on the right hand side. 125640629 Soad blasting '55 T-Bird rear-end Brake backing plate after soda blasting soda will remove paint, grease, grime and surface coating it will not remove discoloration from rust on metal. The plus is that there is no grit from sand and full disassembly is there for not needed. 125640630 Soad blasting finished Closer view you can see that the grime is removed there is still some original primer showing and some discoloration in the metal from rust, please remember we are not removing metal as a sandblaster does we are cleaning and removing paint and road grease from 55 years, safely without full disassembly and then trying to get the sand or other media removed for use. 125640631 Soad blasting finished Here it is finished with a wipe down of some metal prep it should be ready for a coat of POR15. Remember soda is nonabrasive and does not cut paint or rust off but small explosions and tumbling remove the surface it does not hurt rubber, glass or chrome surfaces. 125640632 Finished rear-end under car after blasting Customer painted the rear end with POR15 and has it hung back in so he can move it. We we call back and now have a time schedule to soda blast the under side of the car and the frame. 125640633 Finished rear-end under car after blasting We now were called back to soda blast the under side of the car and frame, will post pictures when we do the job. 125640634 Coal-slag Customer needed us to get his tractor parts read for paint, we used coal-stag for this blasting process. This is one of the fenders before blasting. 148716029 Coal-slag media blasting A quick shot during the blasting process showing what is going on. The front grill is coming along. 148716030 Wet media blasting The fender is finished inside and out . 148716031 Finishe the coal-slag blasting of the tractor parts We finished all the tractor parts and there loaded, The last shot before the customer leaves. You may notice the different colors of the metal after the wet blasting process, some steel flash rusts which can be taken off with a whip down before painting of "paint prep" or a mild phosphoric acid. 148716032 Factory painted and sealed BMW centers Baked on factory power coated BMW centers were looking warn. Customer need them ready for repainting. This is what they looked like when we got them. 175821554 BMW center ready for wet media blasting Ready to blast that powered coated finish off clear coat over light silver metallic. You may know that power coat paint is almost impossible to remove with out distorting or digging in to the magnesium centers. 175821555 BMW centers after media blasting Our client bring us one set a year. They restore one BMW each year and trust us to do his wheel blasting. We can do the job the regular sandblaster can not do. 175821556 This is what a blasted rim looks like when it is dry After drying the magnesium rim looks totally different the powered coated paint is removed and there is no damage to the rim's center. 175821557