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                We are here for you, your job is our number one priority.

Cleaned by Pete is a locally owned business that carries full accident insurance and has a Springfield Business Licence just like any other business, allowing us to work in Springfield. We meet and follow the local ordinances of water control. I have been involved in the pressure washing business for years. We have the right equipment to clean your home or business needs, cleaning with different machines or washer and employ several different methods or techniques of washing. We are experienced in how to soft wash using less pressure on your house, deck, fence for softer cleaning, Then turn around and clean your brick or concrete  with a high pressure washer and you can feel safe know it is done right. We do this for our living investing money in to our tool and equipment gives us the edge on cleaning  or washing your job for the best results. We plan to live in this area for sometime to come, we are your neighbors and make and spend our money here locally. We use the best cleaners for your needs and make sure their safe for the waterways your family, homes, plants and surroundings.


Finding A Pressure Washing Contractor to work for you. Cleaned by Pete wants to be that contractor.
  We want to be your "Mobile Contract Cleaner". I want to help you in finding and picking that contractor that is right for you and your needed cleaning This is not a list of: do this! watch out! We are the best!, that will ruin something, they are robbers! I heard they....  I don't know how other may run their companies and how they do things, but I do know results and we get results. Clean by Pete strives for 100% satisfaction. We are in the "water pressure cleaning business" but we are also in the people business. It is true with out you our customers we are nothing and we want you as a customer. Not just a customer but an informed customer. If you don't pick us for your job that is fine but please still read this list for knowledge and to protect you biggest investment.
  Ten points of what we think you should look for in a power washing contractor. Feel free to contact us with any questions that you may have concerning our services or anything on how our company does a job. We know that your house property or business is your biggest investment, we have free prompt estimates and consults. In the Southwest and Springfield MO area. This is where we live, this is what we do for a living you can rest assured that we plan be around and what we say. We're not going to disappear tomorrow. We have built our business on service and  having the best and most extensive line of tools for each job. We treat each and every home or business as our own and do the very best to meet your expectations or above is our goal. 

1. Educate Yourself.  First and foremost, realize that education is your best line of defence. That was the idea of why we wrote this list it is to educate the public about power washing, pressure washing, house washing, water pressure cleaning, cosmetic cleaning, mobile contract cleaning or what ever you wish to call it. With "pressure washing", the possibility for damage exists. Take the time to understand potential risks and how to minimize them. This also applies for "soft washing" or "down-streaming" also each technique has the possibility for damage. Even just some basic knowledge will help you distinguish cut-rate contractors from quality professionals. Different surface presents different problems so we have different way tools and equipment to handle these potential problems and minimize them. We have been doing this for a while and know what to do, what method and what machine is right for your job. We want to inform the customer and have them help make the decision.  Please visit our blog "Cleaned by Pete: what a power washer does" this was written for potential customers who want to know a bit more about power washing and how and why  they work. There is a lot of information there on how and why things work and soft wash vs pressure wash. Please read and arm your self. Cleaned by Pete want to put part of the decision in your hands and help you with finding that information.

2. Meet the Contractor. Meet the contractor face to face if your doubts about meeting them face to face do you really want them washing your home? During the estimate period  take time to evaluate the site together; ask questions from what you have learned at our blog. This will help you better communicate and reduce errors in the estimating process. Ask about risk and what technique they will use for washing. If someone can tell you over the phone how much it will cost to do your washing job you may want to think about some one else. It is never about who is the cheapest, we will meet and talk it over with you giving you real world answers. Estimates are always free, prompt and no pressure tactics, I don't want someone pressurizing me for something I won't pressure you. I just let you know what we can do for you. A professional contractor does not expect an answer right then and there if they do you may want to think about another person for your job.

3. Get Consultation. A qualified pressure washing contractor will take time to review your site, ask questions and seek out areas of concern. They will listen carefully and interpret the service you desire and expect. With today's different methods of cleaning homes as which one is right for you, ask about DS (down-streaming), pressure washing, "soft-wash" ask about soaps and chemicals, question about run off if your a business, this is the time ask. Even if you have to think it over for a day or two this is expected.  Also review the strengths and limitations of their service "ya we can do all that" is not an answer. Consult with various contractors, ask them specific questions on, expected outcomes, and possibilities for damage. Together you will develop a more complete picture of the service, weeding out obvious inconsistencies in service. Even if this takes a couple of days and if you have more questions call back we will talk it over anytime. This is a great way to judge professionalism. Look on the internet after talking and research the subject more remember our blog, view web sights, You Tube videos are a good resource. If a company has internet resource information it show a commitment to their company. Your reading ours now.

4. Enquire about Equipment. Is it owed or rented? Owed or leased equipment is evidence of a long-term commitment to the field of pressure washing. Renting may indicate only an occasional need for equipment. Most pressure washing businesses will have equipment that can supply 11-20 HP (horsepower, strength), 3000-4000 PSI (pound per square inch, force) and 3-6 GPM (gallons per minute, flow), hot water heaters are a must on some jobs now, some cleaning needs require a minimum of 110 degrees of heat. A rating of 2000 PSI and 2 GPM or less, and lacking hot water capabilities is a residential grade of equipment and will not perform at the level of doing business. While it is good to have heated water is is not necessary for house washing, but does show the commitment to being the best they can be. Soft-washing and DS down-streaming are newer methods there less aggressive types of house washing and take some of the same equipment and some specialized equipment ask if they do both methods of cleaning and what is right for your needs. We do these methods of cleaning and can switch back and forth as needed. We have invested in our several types of washer  and equipment to insure we have on that is right for your job and will be glad to show it off and explain what is right for you. Remember you don't hunt lions with a stick and you don't swat flies with a tank, right tool right job. Surface cleaners also show a commitment to be the best we have seven different styles of these cleaner for different jobs and needs. I feel that our equipment shows we have the commitment to what we do and we own it all.
5. Ask for a Demonstration and Regular Service. This is not always feasible. Demonstrations can take an enormous amount of time to setup and perform. Often contractors will forgo demonstrations and ask the client to be present at job start up, during and the finish. This is not uncommon and we want the customer there if an issue should arise. The business owner should ask about regular calendar service we will be there to do the work monthly, quarterly, bi yearly or yearly and give discounts for these services. This also shows a commitment that we plan to be around and doing this for years to come. Cleaned by Pete will also work with a business customer doing jobs when the time is best, we don't wash your sidewalks during your business hours we don't wash you frontage while you have your customers coming and going. Your contractor should be willing to work with you and your schedule.

6. Get Written Estimates. Having a written estimate protects both you and the pressure washing contractor. A written estimate should detail the desired service, expected outcome and complete costs in labor and material.Both parties need to stick to it we will never up charge the customer even if it takes longer and is much more of a job than we thought what we quote is what you will pay.

7. Get Referrals. When you get referrals, be sure that they represent the service you desire. I always encourage our prospective customers to look at what we have done and to check out our web site and  ask to see our picture of other jobs we do. Visit our blog. Facebook page, Google+, Google site and YouTube for more pictures. Ask to view our equipment I am always happy to show off what and how things work. Your best protection is knowledge and we offer that for free visit our sights and decide for yourself who would be the best contractor for you, like a said earlier I hope it is Cleaned by Pete. There maybe a home or business we have cleaned close by we have done in the neighborhood for you to look at.

8. Insurance. Check to see that your contractor has liability insurance just ask to see a copy. This above all is a deal stopper if they can not produce a copy of insurance do not go any further. All pressure washing contractor should have protected both themselves and their clients from possible on-site accidents, injury, or damage. We have developed methods of cleaning that keeps us on the ground we don't place ladders on your home. That puts you at risk if we can not clean your home or business we will tell you up front. We have insurance for your protection and I have a brain for mine protection, we do not do any thing that is not save.

9. Analyze Cost. Cost of service will be a factor in your decision. But keep in mind a lesser cost does not always mean less service or quality, that being said the cheapest bid has to cut corners some where. "Basically, you get what you pay" or "Be wary of $49 deck and $99 house washes" these tag lines are used a lot. Our house washing does start out at $100 and moves up depending on how dirty, the size of the home, construction and materials of what the home is made of. How can we do this it is because over the years we invested back into the company and have paid off our debt bought new and time saving equipment, newer technology and cleaners have advanced power washing in to a science. We don't have to work as long or hard to achieve the same results we can do now in a couple of hours what use to take us 5 and get the same or better results. Go to our gallery and look at our tools and equipment, we don't have just one of any thing I like to think Cleaned by Pete has more in accessory and special tools then some have in there whole washing inventory. What sets us apart is the knowledge we have in this industry and we are always learning more. We also can now charge a little less because we own everything outright. No more bank payments and I'll pass the savings on to you. Some will say that not being a very good business man you should keep even more than before, I guess I should but I feel we'll try to hold our prices down during this downturn in the economy doing our small part and pick up a job here and there because we'll be affordable. If you take time to talk and meet your contractor you will know who you can trust.

10. Be Present During and Completion of The Job. Observe work as it takes place. Quite often, cleaning results are remarkable and you should experience this process first hand. Likewise, be ready to consult with the contractor as any problems or potential damages arise. Address issues with them right then and talk it over. If you have questions we'll stop and listen.

Cleaned by Pete is "locally owned" and we live here in Springfield we are your neighbours and have made our livelihood in the power washing business. Most of our prospective customers are referrals from our existing customers. We don't advertise too much building our business on word of mouth and letting our work show what we can do. We keep our prices fair. If you would like to give us a call and discuss or have a question about a job please feel free to call "Cleaned by Pete at 417-459-7869".


 Visit our blog on how a power washer works and for more knowledge on our industry click on the blogger badge to be redirected to our blog: Cleaned by Pete: what a power washer does